I love woodworking – it’s my passion!

But I don’t have enough time to do what I want.  I come home from work, get changed and go into the workshop most nights at about 6.45pm.  I don’t come out until 8/9pm and still I can’t get enough time to start and finish a project easily, I also work weekends, when I can fit it in.  In fact I’ve just completed one and time wise it should have taken about 6-7 hours, but in reality it took me about 18!

One reason was it was something I’d never done before (a display frame for a horizon indicator from a Lancaster bomber).  I really wanted to do it justice so I took my time with it, but I also filmed it for my YouTube channel – which at the very least doubles the amount of time it takes to do anything, this is before I even start to edit the footage!

It was a fantastic thing to work on and I loved every minute of making it.  It’s not quite as good as I’d have liked – I always see the minor mistakes and not the piece as a whole.  The customer is coming over tomorrow to collect it and I’m nervous (but I always am with a commission before the customer sees it for the first time).

Back to time running away when I want to woodwork… I may have an opportunity to do this full time or maybe a couple of days a week with a part time job.  But I’m unsure of many things; if I had more time, would I still have the passion? Do I love it because it’s an escape from the ‘rat race’?  If I went full time could I make enough money to survive? Would I start to resent it because it’s become a job and not a hobby? Am I good enough to do this for a living? Do I need to go back to college to gain some skills I feel would benefit me?

Questions I’m sure many people can relate to.  Some people would just go for it and deal with the problems later or as they come.  Some, like me, will second guess themselves and be their worst critic in everything they do.

Luckily I have a very supportive and understanding wife, who is behind me 100%.  But I don’t want to let her or myself down.  I’ve never been lazy or afraid of hard work, but will that be enough?  There are so many stories of businesses going under because of ‘the market’ or ‘unforeseen circumstances’ or plain old stupidity.  I know, I’ve had a business fail before and it was the worst time of my life which took me many years to recover from (not just financially, mentally too) it has also taken me many years to admit that to myself.

So what do I do? The decision is mostly out of my hands until work decide on redundancy.  I’m waiting to know what the next chapter of my life will be, or whether I have the option to decide.  I know what I want to do… am I brave enough to do it or am I going to succumb to reason and listen to my head and not my heart?